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Amsterdam Beauty Centrum

About Radiesse

Radiesse is a non-permanent wrinkle filler made from synthetic calcium hydroxylapatite (CaHa) microparticles in a water-based gel. CaHa and the components calcium and phosphate also occur in the body's own tissue such as teeth and bones and is therefore fully biocompatible; therefore, no allergy test is required prior to treatment.

When Radiesse is inserted into the skin, the gel-matrix of calcium phosphate microspheres pushes up the facial contours with an immediate lifting effect and more volume as a result. For a long-lasting effect, the microspheres stimulate the production of the body's own collagen, which further gains the volume increase.

Radiesse is biodegradable and is therefore broken down safely and naturally by the body over time. The results are in most cases visible for one to one and a half years.


Cosmetic specialist: Drs. Thio

Certified cosmetic doctor
Since 2008, drs. Thio has been a member of the NVCG, the Dutch Association of Cosmetic Medicine, and in 2013 he became an officially certified member. He is also recognized by the KNMG as a cosmetic doctor. That's why Drs. Thio is a good and reliable practitioner!

Benefits of Radiesse

Hand rejuvenation

The hands also gradually begin to betray our age. Veins and tendons at the top of the hand become more visible as the years pass, as the subcutaneous fat layer becomes thinner.

When your skin loses volume, Radiesse can be the solution.

Liquid facelift

When Radiesse is introduced into the skin, the gel-matrix of calcium phosphate microspheres pushes up the facial contours with an immediate lifting effect and more volume as a result. Our doctor van aims to create the most natural effect possible.

No more wrinkles

Radiesse provides volume under the wrinkle, which thereby rises and becomes smoother.

On average a treatment takes 10 to 20 minutes. Then you can simply resume your daily activities.

Rimples removed in 10 minutes

  • Intake

    Schedule a free intake with the doctor who is also treating you. Your wishes and expectations are discussed. This conversation is always free and without obligation.

  • Treatment

    The treatment takes approximately 10 minutes. Most people experience the injections as a bit and / or a light / burning sensation.

  • Results

    The treatment takes approximately 10 minutes. Most people experience the injections as a bit and / or a light / burning sensation.

Amsterdam Beauty Centrum

We offer the best specialists and finest treatments for your skin

At Amsterdam Beauty Centrum we have a different approach when it comes to service. We offer a personal approach, expert advice, time and attention, as well as using the best products to make sure every visit with us a special and complete experience. 

Amsterdam Beauty Centrum is located on the Rozengracht 215 in the center of Amsterdam 

Would you prefer to be treated in the comfort of your own home?

This is possible. We are happy to discuss the options with you. Call us
020 330 3120

Frequently Asked Questions

We understand that you may have a lot of questions about the Radiesse treatments. Are you stopped by all those questions to ideally pursue your beauty and would you like to have your questions answered? We therefore have this page for you. On this page you will find the most frequently asked questions about the Radiesse treatments that we have answered for you.


Do you still have a question but it is not listed? Feel free to contact us via the contact page, so that we can still answer your question or ask your question directly to an expert in the chat. Because of this you will not be left with questions that you would rather have answered.

Some celebrities do indeed have reduced facial expression. However, that is almost never due to injections with non-permanent wrinkle fillers such as Radiesse, but to other interventions.

The correction will slowly but surely disappear. Eventually your skin will look like before the treatment. Follow-up treatments ensure that the result is retained.

Radiesse should not be injected if permanent fillers or implants are already present in the area to be treated.

This so-called over-correction is prevented by the Wrinkless doctors by working with a correct dosage and carrying out the treatment in steps, so that the effect can be assessed in the meantime.

Stories about ugly bumps appear after the injection of fillers. However, this always involves (incorrect) use of permanent fillers, sometimes even applied by people who are not doctors.

Radiesse is a non-permanent wrinkle filler on a natural basis, which is completely biodegradable. In the rare case that a small lump appears, this is almost never visible, but only palpable. It usually disappears within a few days, and in the worst case within two months.

Look at yourself in the mirror, where are you bothered and what results do you expect from a treatment? Together with the doctor you discuss your expectations and the options that are available.


Rozengracht 215
1016 LZ Amsterdam
The Netherlands
+31 20 33 03 120
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Walter-Kolb-Strasse 16
Frankfurt am Main
+49 69 96 37 63 05
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