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What is Thermage FLX? What you need to know about the latest technology in skin tightening.

Skin tightening is one of the most popular treatments, but finding a treatment that can give you meaningful results can be tricky. Here you can read all about the latest skin tightening technology, Thermage FLX!

Who is Thermage FLX for?

Thermage FLX is for anyone looking for a non-surgical treatment (no cutting or needles) to address loose skin. The ideal patient is 30 to 65 years old, has mild to moderate skin laxity, and has realistic expectations. Patients love this treatment because it takes less than two hours and apart from a little swelling, there is no real downtime!

What are the results of Thermage FLX?

People seeking this treatment always want to know what it will do for them. It takes a few weeks for the results to show and sometimes a second treatment a year or two later is needed (after all, gravity and aging never sleep), but Thermage FLX tightens loose skin, shapes the contours of aging skin and improves sagging skin!

When should I start with Thermage FLX?

Patients often ask when to receive Thermage FLX. Well, the best time to bend a tree is when it’s small, so start early! Thermage FLX will help make new collagen, but it will also help maintain the collagen you already have. So many people use it to get off to a quick start, while others use it to maintain already great skin!

Which areas does Thermage FLX treat?

The best thing about this treatment is that it is not just limited to the face. Thermage FLX can tighten loose skin on the arms, stomach, thighs and even the derriere!

Why choose Thermage FLX?

Most people choose Thermage FLX treatments to obtain new collagen and / or maintain their existing collagen and what does this do? It results in a tightening of loose and / or aging skin! Best of all, the results will continue to improve for up to six months after the treatment!

How does Thermage FLX work?

The underlying technology in Thermage FLX is monopolar radio frequency. By performing this radio frequency treatment, energy creates an electrical current that generates heat and this heat denatures the collagen. This deliberate damage in the short term causes the individual collagen strands to shorten and thicken and in the long term it causes the fibroblasts to make new, healthy collagen!

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